This Friday and every Friday night from 11:15 to 12am listen to
Paddles Radio
with your host Michael A. (the owner of Paddles)

Sir Viktor of DSF

Friday the 13th of April will be a very special show with Viktor Of DSF.

That’s right, believe it or not, Michael {Me} Owner of Paddles for 28 years,
will be having a 1 hour radio talk show every Friday night at 11pm to 12 midnight.
The BDSM/ FETISH scene is about to get a whole lot bigger. Friday The 13th
Happy Hour Guest Viktor Of DSF will be taking about the BDSM scene in NYC since
the 90’s. Call in and speak to us and Viktor Between 11:15pm and 12am on
WWRL AM 1600 The more you call in the more we can Expand our NYC BDSM Scene
… CALL US AT 212-868-0975…

Happy Hour on WWRL AM 1600 is the only AM radio show based on the BDSM Scene in the Country…
WWRL AM1600 is a NYC based Progressive AM radio station heard through-out the tri-state area
and all over the country and world. Some of the other talent and programming on WWRL AM1600 a
re The Mark Riley Show/The Ed Schultz Show/The Thom Hartmann Show/
The Al Sharpton Show/The Randi Rhodes Show and now
“Happy Hour” with Diana Montford and Michael A.

Happy Hour will be played in a small area of Paddles for those who would like to listen while there.
We will also have a free podcast of the previous Friday night’s show posted on every Monday morning.

With that said, we do want everyone in our community to contribute to the show.
WWRL is an AM radio station subject to all FCC rules and regulations so
I will have to ease into BDSM/Fetish/LGBT topics.
This is the most main stream and legitimate way that I can think of getting
the word out about us and our Community. The more input through phone calls
and questions on FB we get from our community, the better for all of us.
This is truly our chance to show the outside world that we are Kinky people
but not Dangerously Kinky people. Call during the show and you will find our
Call screener my wife Laura, on the other end of the phone.
We will all be at Paddles right after the show at midnight if you would like
to discuss the show.

WWRL Am 1600 reaches 257,000 people in the tri-state area alone and many
thousands more over the internet around the world. Please tell your friends,
repost this on Fetish/BDSM groups and sites and let’s open up our world to
an all new generation of Friends.

If you know people, authors, any interesting or famous scene people you
think could contribute to Happy Hour, Please have them contact me on:


Yahoo Groups—
Happy Hour Face Book-

There is also an iPhone/Droid app for WWRL1600 at

Pod Cast- {Every Monday morning}
Thank You all for reading this very long posting. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at any time.