NYC: April 27th DSF Presents: The Delicious Play Party At Paddles in NYC

DSF Presents: The Delicious Play Party

  • Friday, April 27th at Paddles NYC
  • Time: 9:00 PM – 3:00 AM
  • Address: 250 West 26th Street, NYC (Btw: 7th/8th Ave)
  • 18+ years old to attend
  • On Street Parking and 2 garages on the block.

When you hear the word “Delicious,” what comes to your mind? Something that tastes soooo good, that it makes your taste buds salivate? You need it so bad, that you’d give anything to taste it! There, it’s making you mouth water, as you are reading this.

Well, “Delicious” is the best way to describe this party…. You will get Delicious play, Delicious atmosphere, and of course, delicious people in a delicious club.

This party will include the intimate BDSM play atmosphere people crave in our 4,000 Sq.Ft play space with over 40 play stations with lots of new equipment brought in by Paddles NYC and DSF. Crosses, spanking benches, massage tables, and 4 areas for suspension, etc.

  • Our Dungeon Master will be “Father Payne”

…… The party dungeon mistresses will be

Iridal Loveland

Mistress Lin

* Miss Sonya

* Miss Leslie

* The Dommes of The World famous Pandoras Box

….. In addition, we will have party hostesses to assure all the novices the proper introduction to our club and group. Around 50% of our attendees are there for the first time. So, if you’re a novice, have no fear. (more info is below)

The party will also include all the standard yummy trimmings that folks love at DSF:

  • A sumptuous snack buffet (includes: lasagna, quiche, tacos, meat balls, Hot Buffalo Wings, cheese/vegetable platters and more),
  • Snacks (includes: cream puffs, and cakes)
  • Health nuts (includes: Garden Salads, Yogurt, and energy bars)
  • You simply don’t leave our parties hungry…Ever.

Our food menu will feature, a Delicious sexy sushi girl buffet table….

We will also have a Delicious Burlesque Performance By the stunning “Emmanuel”

Yes, indeed… everything Delicious.

  • ….Price……………..
  • DSF/Affiliate Members:….Males: $30 Females: $15
  • Non members: Males $35  females 20

DSF parties rule and people always have fun; some even met long term partners. For those who never been to our parties before, the management of DSF always tries to match people up. So, if you’re single looking for a play partner(s), or a couple looking for a couple/3rd person, come on down. In addition to having a good time, you just may meet your play or life partner.

DSF parties offer a fantastic atmosphere to be among kindred spirits. If you are new to the Ds scene, this is a perfect way to get introduced to it all; in a friendly non pressure situation. In addition to having a great time, you can find playmates and potential partners at all of our parties. Around 50% of our attendees are new and we take care of them like fine china. All of our newbies become repeat offenders; errr, we mean attendees.

If you are an experienced player, our parties always have strict guidelines pertaining to leaving “energy” room for you to enjoy, and most of all, not have your scene(s) interrupted.

As always, DJ DOMinatus will have awesome music (ambiance, techno, gothic, industrial, new age, funky trip hop, and more) for everyone to enjoy. (Note: If you have music suggestion before, send us a note, and we should do our best to accommodate).

We’ve been doing this now going on 13 years. Please know, that we’ll always listen for feedback. So if you have a suggestion or advice to make us better, please tell it to our management team. If it takes drastic changes to enhance your experience with us, we will do our very best to bring these changes to you.

Lastly, if you like our parties, please tell a friend or two.