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N.Y.C. LEATHER FAMILY night at Paddles…….Slave Auction Event July28th 10pm

Slave Auction

In the interest of spicing things up, we thought it would be fun to have a Slave Auction during our next Family event at Paddles. The auction will be FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, and will run from approximately 11PM to 12:30AM, with the first 30 minutes dedicated to the inspection of slaves, subs, kinksters, etc., who wish to participate. We’re hoping this will be a great way for everyone to meet new people, and for those looking for a play partner to see if you click, etc.

Ideally, we would like about 10-12 slaves to participate; switches and Dominants are welcome too (can’t let the slaves have all the fun!) Everyone who attends the event will receive a set of NYCLF Dollars to bid on the slaves, subs, switches, or Doms/mes. If you enter the auction (or enter your sub), you’ll receive extra NYCLF Dollars to use for the auction. You may bid on your own slave or sub. Participants will be provided a form to fill out for entry. All participants must read and sign the form describing your hard limits and what’s acceptable play by your standards.

All that said, in agreeing to take part in the auction, regardless of your role in it, you ABSOLUTELY MUST play by the rules and agreement of the scene. All hard limits of the slaves, submissives, or kinksters entering will be respected, and adhered to. The allowed time frame is 20-60 minutes in servitude or domination. Scenes may end sooner if things are NOT to the liking or expectation of both parties involved. If things seem to click between you, the allowable time limit may increase, especially if the slave has an owner already, S/He permits it, and/or won their own slave.

If you are interested in participating, email NYC_SirJohn so we will have an idea of how many participants to expect.

Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that anyone will bid on you, and this is all for fun 250w26st Between 7th & 8th ave NYC Far Right door of Building


DSF/Paddles Presents “Sexylicious Fetish Barbecue Night”


•Everyone 18+ years old is welcomed to attend. •Venue: Paddles from 9 PM to 3 AM •250 West 26th Street, NYC, NY (right side silver door)

This party will include the intimate BDSM play atmosphere people crave in our 4,000+ Sq.Ft multi-level fetish ambiance play space with over 35 play stations. •Cost to attend: •DSF/Affiliate– Males: $30.00 Females: $15 •Non members — Males: $35.00 Females: $20

Included in the price will be:

•A sumptuous fresh high quality freshly made barbeque buffet with Nathan’s hot dogs and Angus beef hamburgers. •Also included will be quiche, lasagna, tacos, cheese/vegatable platters and more) •Snacks (includes: watermelon, grapes, cream puffs, and cakes) •Health nuts (includes: Salads, Yogurt, and energy bars) •No One leaves our parties hungry.

  • Sexy Bonus: Starting at 10:30 PM, we will have sexyliscious burlesque performances by the exotically beautiful “EveLaurent” and “DARK STARLET”

This awesome party will also feature: •Our Dungeon Master “Father Payne”

…… The party dungeon mistresses will be

  • Iridal Loveland
  • Miss Sonya
  • Miss EveZ
  • The Dommes of The World famous Pandoras Box


In addition, we will have party hostesses to assure all the novices the proper introduction to our club and group. Around 50% of our attendees are there for the first time. So, if you’re a novice, have no fear. (more info is below).

. DSF parties rule and people always have fun; some even met long term partners. For those who never been to our parties before, the management of DSF always tries to match people up. So, if you’re single looking for a play partner(s), or a couple looking for a couple/3rd person, come on down. In addition to having a good time, you just may meet your play or life partner. .

DSF parties offer a fantastic atmosphere to be among kindred spirits. If you are new to the Ds scene, this is a perfect way to get introduced to it all; in a friendly non pressure situation. In addition to having a great time, you can find playmates and potential partners at all of our parties. Around 50% of our attendees are new and we take care of them like fine china. All of our newbies become repeat offenders; errr, we mean attendees. .

If you are an experienced player, our parties always have strict guidelines pertaining to leaving “energy” room for you to enjoy, and most of all, not have your scene(s) interrupted. .

As always, DJ DOMinatus will have awesome music (ambiance, techno, gothic, industrial, new age, funky trip hop, and more) for everyone to enjoy. (Note: If you have music suggestion before, send us a note, and we should do our best to accommodate). . 250w26st NYC Between 7th & 8th ave. far Right Door.

Sat July 21: TES/Paddles BYOT Party (Bring Your Own Taboo)  10:00pm – 2:30am   Cassandra Moon, Antonia and Contele invite you to explore all your innermost, deepest, darkest fantasies in a real NYC Dungeon. Flirt with the edges of the prohibited. Revel in shamefully hot scenes. Whether with whips and canes, or rope or chains, bring it on! Comfort food will be served (and it’s ALL taboo)!     Dress code: Something forbidden  Meeting is at Paddles, 250 West 26th St, between 7th and 8th Aves

 TES Members and Non-Member Stay-After-Social $20 / Reciprocal Groups and Novice Excursion $25 / Non-Member $35


NYC: this Fri, July 20th Enema Play/BDSM Play Party At Paddles

with Dr. Mark, AKA StrictDr  •Demo/Lecture: Enema Play and Health benefits with Dr. Mark, AKA StrictDr  •this Friday, July 20th at Paddles  •Time: 8:00 PM – 9:45 PM (doors open 7:45 PM)  •Address: #250 West 26th Street, NYC (Btw: 7th/8th)  •18+ years old to attend ALSO!!! Paddles Play Party from 10pm to 3am The Longest Running BDSM Club on the Planet!!! Come and Enjoy 50 Shades of RED! RED! RED!!! Been doing it in real time since 1984

The presentation:  One of the healthiest and least inexpensive ways to remain healthy is getting the toxins of your body. A good healthy enema will accomplish these results. The seminar will focus on the safety issues of anal and enema play, and discuss various equipment and solutions for health, erotic and discipline enemas. Everything you wanted to know about enema will be discussed at this demo; including how to incorporate enema play into BDSM.   The seminar will be both a lecture and demonstration, with questions appreciated and requested during and afterwards. This is your chance to find out how to do this type of play safely and properly without actually injuring a person or causing any unnecessary medical problems.   As per Dr. Mark.. “It is “Enema Volunteer Night;” hence, if any ladies want to receive an enema just ask.  All request can be written to: or to   The presenter:  Dr. Mark has been associated with the scene for over 20 years now, incorporating his understanding of the control of enemas as a dominant with his appreciation for the health benefits of colon cleansing.  He is a trained colon therapist and has studied herbology, allowing for the administration of herbal-based enemas along with enemas for role-play.   About DomSubFriends MEETINGS and SOCIALS  •Everyone 18+ years old is welcomed to attend.  •All meetings and socials are $4 for DSF, $6 for affiliate members, and $10 for non members.

HIV Prevention Among Men/Women/Couples!!

 WWRL AM 1600 On EQUALITY PRIDE RADIO…  Join your Hosts Michael & Laura A  Happy Hour Friday July 20th at 11pm to 12am.   Hear The GREAT NEWS about The FDA Approval of the HIV Vaccine/ Home Testing kit/ and everything HIV From Dr. Demetre Daskalakis & Michael Ramos… Call the show, Ask your questions here. On-Line Streaming at


 Dr. Demetre Daskalakis is currently working at Bellevue Hospital and New York University. He is the Infectious Disease Fellowship Program Director at the New York University (NYU) School of Medicine and the Site Director for the HIV Vaccine Trials Network Study 505 at the University.Prior to this, he served on the committee of the AIDS Clinical Trials Unit.  As a distinguished leader in HIV prevention among men who have sex with men, Dr. Daskalakis established the Men’s Sexual Health Project (M*SHP) and is the recipient of HHC Special Project Funds for M*SHP which received the HHC Innovation Award for its pilot phase. He is a graduate of the NYU School of Medicine, completed his residency in medicine at the Beth Israel Deaconness Medical Center in Boston where he served as chief resident, and continued his post graduate training at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital /Massachusetts General Hospital as a fellow in infectious diseases. He is currently completing his Masters of Public Health at Harvard School of Public Health.


 Michael Ramos, L-MSW is currently working at Bellevue Hospital and New York University with the Men’s Sexual Health Project. He has been with the program for 5 years and has played an integral role in the program’s development and expansion. He has over 8 years’ experience working within the LGBTQ community in different capacities primarily around sexual health and more recently as a psychotherapist. He does private practice in New York City and Philadelphia.

 He is a graduate from NYU Silver School of Social Work and has done post graduate training in Psychodynamic theory at Brwn Mawr College and will soon complete a post graduate program in Cognitive Behavior Therapy (also at Bryn Mawr).   The Men’s Sexual Health Project offers the following on a walk-in basis:

•Rapid HIV antibody testing, with results available in 20 minutes •HIV PCR/viral load testing to identify recent HIV infections •Testing for sexually transmitted infections, including Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Syphilis •Risk reduction counseling with a doctor or trained HIV counselor •Tenemos empleados que hablan español. Para más información, por favor oprima aquí.  At Paddles 3-4 times a week for the LGBT/BDSM community… 250w26st NYC 7th & 8th ave

Special guest Bo Blaze Life Coach and Active Member of TES and Elizabeth Denton Who is the Assistant Fashion Editor at Time Out New York

on Happy Hour Tonight at 11pm with Michael & Laura {owners of Paddles BDSM Club In NYC,} on WWRL AM 1600…

Happy Hour This Friday Night at 11pm with your Hosts Michael  and Laura A with
 With special guest Bo Blaze Life Coach and Active Member of TES
 Also Elizabeth Denton Who is the Assistant Fashion Editor at Time Out New York, and often contributes to both the Features and Sex and Dating sections of the magazine. The Great Walks issue, took pop-culture phantoms and turned them into walking tours. Denton wrote the 50 Shades of Grey walk, putting Paddles as the finishing touch on the tour.
Ask your Questions here or Call In Live on the air at 212-868-0975 From 11pm to 12am… Don’t miss Happy Hour! The Only LGBT/BDSM Based Show on AM Radio…

NYC TNG Meeting/Party Night: Friday, July 13, 2012

(NYC TNG Presents: Get Off My Lawn!; an exclusive party for NYC TNG members and their guests)

Are you new to the scene? Do you hate going to parties alone? Do you ever just want to hang out with people your own age that share your interests? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then we invite you to join the NYC TNG 18-35 group for the above meeting.


We will gather in the back of the Moonstruck Diner from 8:00PM to 9:30PM, located at 400 W 23rd St, New York, NY (at 9th Ave). The group will meet in the usual manner; eat, talk, waste time, etc. After the meeting the group will proceed to Paddles, a NYC BDSM club, for an exclusive NYC TNG only play party. Paddles is located at 250 West 26th Street (between 7th and 8th Ave.). Only card carrying members and their guests of any age (over 18) may attend. Admission to the party will be $17.00.


Please remember to bring your NYC TNG card to show at the door:

New membership cards, replacement cards, and renewals can be obtained at the munch prior to the party. Membership is free and open to individuals ages 18-35.


Please be aware, this event has age, membership, and dress restrictions:

Munch: 18-35 (and partners 18+), Vanilla Setting Appropriate

Party: 18+, NYC TNG Members & Guests Only, Dress To Impress

Sat. July 7th Paddles OTK Domestic Discipline Spanking Party 7pm to 10pm & BDSM Play Party 10-3am All Doms/Subs– Husband/Wifes–Boss/Secretary–Cop/Speeder,ETC. ALL WELCOME

Spanking-Paddling-Hairbrushing-Strapping-Caning… 3 HOURS OF SPANKING FUN!!! JUNE 2nd OTK night Munch !!! The Moonstruck Diner ( What a great venue for a spanking group! MOON-STRUCK???)corner of West 23rd Street and 9th Avenue, At 5:30pm…

All ladies attending get a $5 discount at Paddles, and the guys get either a $10 or $15 discount (we need 10 or more guys to get the BIG discount).

—————— Everyone Can Stay at no extra charge for——— Paddles All Out BDSM Play Party 10pm to 3am.

Real Time Shades Of Gray At Paddles Since 1984

Bring a date Meet someone there or just Watch and Learn, and have some fun {all welcome} all BDSM Play on our 35 play stations. MeetThe Dommes of The World famous Pandoras Box Great people– Great music—Hot Play– Legal NYC Lic. Space–A Real BDSM Night club

Come Check-Out The New Sexier Paddles and {We Ain’t Done Nothing Yet} Improvments are being made Bi-Weekly and will continue until it is just right for all. Our Master Builder Eric is making Spectacular New Equipment and up-grading some of the old. We have already added a Full Size Jail Cell, Perfect for Single Tails. A new Grab/ Tickle/Bondage Box. A new Padded { Jesus Type} Flogging Cross. New Lighting and Effects. New and On going Paint job and Floor Treatment

OPEN SINCE 1984, LONGEST RUNNING BDSM CLUB ON EARTH. Come be part of the history… For info- 250w26st NYC Between 7th & 8th ave. Far Right Door

Friday July 6th Violets Wands,Then Full Blown Play Party… DSF’s Demo 8pm -9:45pm—BDSM Full Blown Play Party-10pm -3am ALL WELCOME!!!

•this Friday, July 6th at Paddles •Time: 8:00 PM – 9:45 PM (doors open 7:45 PM) •Address: 250 West 26th Street, NYC, NY (Btw: 7th/8th Ave) •18+ years old to attend

Class link:

The Presentation: Violet Wands are definitely one of the most exciting and desirable toys available for BDSM play. They are incredibly versatile, providing many different levels of intensity, technique and sensation.

It has been described as being so sensual that it feels like bubbles cascading over your body, or so intense you scream “Holy Shit, What The Fuck was That?”

A typical workshop starts with a discussion on the safety surrounding the Violet Wand, the Do’s and Don’ts. It will then move quickly into the basic and onto the advanced uses and techniques involving electric play with a Violet Wand. Audience participation is encouraged as this is a ‘hands-on’ workshop.

The Presenter: Joseph has been in the lifestyle for 20+ years. He is co-host of a highly successful South Jersey Munch. As a community leader, he has been active in the NJ, DE, PA, NY & CT scenes over the years. Joseph can often be found doing demonstrations at many local area munches and private parties. He is affectionately called “The Wizard of the Wand”

Joseph has presented and demonstrated basic and advanced Violet Wand techniques at such events as the TesFest convention, the Extreme Electrical Workshop at Philadelphia Overdrive and the original NDDs Boot-Camp and most recently Boot Camp IV. His Dom-sub-Friends (Paddles, NYC) workshops typically are ‘standing room only’.   250w26st Between 7th & 8th ave Far Right Door…