N.Y.C. LEATHER FAMILY night at Paddles…….Slave Auction Event July28th 10pm

Slave Auction

In the interest of spicing things up, we thought it would be fun to have a Slave Auction during our next Family event at Paddles. The auction will be FOR ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, and will run from approximately 11PM to 12:30AM, with the first 30 minutes dedicated to the inspection of slaves, subs, kinksters, etc., who wish to participate. We’re hoping this will be a great way for everyone to meet new people, and for those looking for a play partner to see if you click, etc.

Ideally, we would like about 10-12 slaves to participate; switches and Dominants are welcome too (can’t let the slaves have all the fun!) Everyone who attends the event will receive a set of NYCLF Dollars to bid on the slaves, subs, switches, or Doms/mes. If you enter the auction (or enter your sub), you’ll receive extra NYCLF Dollars to use for the auction. You may bid on your own slave or sub. Participants will be provided a form to fill out for entry. All participants must read and sign the form describing your hard limits and what’s acceptable play by your standards.

All that said, in agreeing to take part in the auction, regardless of your role in it, you ABSOLUTELY MUST play by the rules and agreement of the scene. All hard limits of the slaves, submissives, or kinksters entering will be respected, and adhered to. The allowed time frame is 20-60 minutes in servitude or domination. Scenes may end sooner if things are NOT to the liking or expectation of both parties involved. If things seem to click between you, the allowable time limit may increase, especially if the slave has an owner already, S/He permits it, and/or won their own slave.

If you are interested in participating, email NYC_SirJohn so we will have an idea of how many participants to expect.

Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that anyone will bid on you, and this is all for fun

Paddlesnyc.com 250w26st Between 7th & 8th ave NYC Far Right door of Building