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“Michael A” of Paddles: The SM superstar

by SirViktor 

In sports there is always one superstar who goes unappreciated because he does his job quietly with no drama. When it comes to the SM community, “Michael A” of Paddles is that type of Superstar.

Many do the talk, but no one has done “the walk” better or even as well, as Michael. The track record speaks for itself. Through nearly 30 years in business, Paddles has had hundreds of thousands satisfied customers walk through the doors. In spite of what some may think, it is hard too last this long in any business, especially the alternative lifestyle business, if people don’t like you or your establishment.

Think what type of self motivation it takes to do this for 3 decades? Think what type of a personality and love for SM one must possess to continue doing this even through the roughest times?

We all go through ups and downs in life. That is part of the curriculum in Life University. The Superstars are the one who rise above it all, and don’t allow their life issues effect anyone else’s. They know what must be done, and they simply just do it.

One day when Michael is ready to retire (hopefully a long long very long time from now), then and only then, will everyone realize what we truly had in NYC; and that is a very decent and humble man, who always did things the right way by all of us.

Next time you’re at Paddles, kindly give this SUPERSTAR a nice hug and a handshake. He earned it by keeping Paddles open for us all through thick and thin, and some of the roughest times; so that we have our escape and our second home.

Here’s for you Michael for contributing to our community for so many years:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_zLBsRYD8w