New Yorkers are getting their freak on — behind closed doors.
While BDSM enthusiasts tell Metro they have definitely seen more newcomers to the underground sex scene, newly released statistics by adult entertainment site YouPorn show New Yorkers are most exploring their kinky curiosities in the privacy of their own homes.
According to the numbers, searches for BDSM-related porn on the site are up worldwide, likely due to the explosion of popularity for the erotic novel “Fifty Shades of Grey.”
But here in New York, we’re searching that kind of porn with the largest spike, at an 89.7 percent increase from April to June of 2012, compared to a worldwide increase of 67 percent, according to YouPorn.
“New Yorkers spanked the competition,” YouPorn said of the statistics.
A spokesman for the site said they were able to compile the data using analytic software that could tell which geographic area searches came from.
The news doesn’t come as a surprise to people who are embedded in New York’s kinky community.
“There has been an uptick on the scene, but you are seeing way more people doing it from home,” Bo Blaze, who has been active in New York’s BDSM scene for more than 20 years, told Metro. “I would attribute it mostly to New York being an awesome, kinky town, and people here are curious.”
New Yorkers are searching for the terms “sex slave” and “master” more than ever, with a 109.2 percent increase and 113.82 percent increase, respectively. The rest of the world is searching for that type of porn, but only at a 78.96 percent and 71.91 percent increase.
The master-slave relationship takes a front seat in the wildly popular “Fifty Shades,” which could explain the recent interest.
“No book sells 32 million copies without a cultural shift happening, and New York leads that,” Blaze said.
Guy Sanders, a spokesman for the Eulenspiegel Society — New York’s oldest BDSM group, which promotes sexual liberation for adults — agreed, adding that the city has historically served as a pioneer when it comes to sexuality.
“The gay pride movement really took force in New York,” Sanders said. “New Yorkers are progressive sexually and open sexually and have a tendency to lead the way.”
Other terms that porn viewers in New York are searching for at a higher increase compared to the rest of the world include “domination” and “sadism.”

Will New Yorkers experiment more?

BDSM enthusiasts told Metro the increase in kinky porn searches could translate into more New Yorkers wanting to experiment with those kind of sexual exploits in real life. Still, they predict the majority of people who enjoy BDSM porn will keep it at a viewing level, rather than a participation level.
“It’s definitely going to trickle down, but it will take a while,” Blaze said. “It’s going to take telling people that there are safe, sane, consensual places where you can learn and you don’t even have to do anything.”
“I think that some will [eventually participate],” Sanders said. “But you always find that people watch things that they would never do. People like watching gang bangs, but they never really think about doing it themselves.”