DSFs Demo and Paddles Play Party: Fri-Sep 21st: “Fireplay Demo”

 •Demo/Lecture: “Fireplay 301” with Echo  •Friday, September 21st at Paddles  •Time: 8:00 PM – 9:45 PM (doors open 7:45 PM)  •Address: #250 West 26th Street, NYC (Btw: 7th/8th Ave)  •18+ years old to attend   ALL OUT BDSM PLAY PARTY 10pm -3am Paddles, The Longest Running BDSM club on the Planet!!!   The Demo presentation:  Fire can be a powerful energy harnessed to invigorate the senses. If you’ve ever wanted to experience the dance of flame upon your skin or tickle the senses of another, join us for a night of Fire Play and tempt the pyromaniac in your soul.   Echo’s Fireplay 301 Involves:  •Advances Safety Awareness  •Advanced Application Techniques (Combining application methods)  •Harnessing Fire Balls  •Utilizing Specialized Fire Torches  •Creating Mind Fucks! (The Fire Play)  •Massage for relaxation (The Fire Massage)   The presenter’s bio:  Echo has been dabbling with the fire arts ever since he emerged onto the scene back in 2008. After years of practice and personal research into fire play and its therapeutic components, Echo has developed a curriculum to fit any pyromaniac out there. His style of Fire Play is designed for the kinkster and vanilla alike, coined under the moniker Fire Massage.   The ancient practice has been updated and expanded under his studies. Having been in service to and training under his Mistress for 2 years and being a recent graduate from MTTA, Echo has grown to be a strong, confident slave who strives to make a career out of doing what he loves; Fire Massage.   Echo recently began instructing this unique course in his own home. He has since taught his course in private homes, as well as big events like The Floating World. His knowledge has helped countless novice and experienced pyromaniacs play safely. http://Paddlesnyc.com 250w26st NYC Between 7th & 8th ave. Far Right Door of Building. Paddles Blog @ https://paddlesnycblog.wordpress.com

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