Tonight! How to win the “Obama Hasn’t done anything Argument with your Fox Noise Low info GOP Friends… WWRL AM 1600 On EQUALITY PRIDE RADIO… Join your Hosts Michael & Laura A  Happy Hour tonight at 11pm…  Last week we showed you how to win the

“It’s in the Bible Argument” from The Bible Thumping Homophobic Right Wing Nut Jobs..  It was easy and fun and so will tonight { Sept.28th at 11pm to 12am} be when you see how easy it is to win the “ President Obama has done nothing Argument}  Tune in tonight on EQUALITY PRIDE RADIO WWRL AM 1600 11pm to 12am…  Happy Hour, Your only AM Radio show For the BDSM/LGBT Communities.  Your Hosts Michael & Laura Have owned Paddles BDSM/LGBT Night club in NYC since 1984.  Call Your Host, Michael & Laura A at 212-868 0975  On-Line Streaming at