DSFs Demo and Paddles Play Party: Fri-Oct.5th: “Going Deep”

DSFs Demo and Paddles Play Party: Fri-Oct.5th: “Going Deep”

Demo/Lecture: Going Deep: – Punching, kicking, trampling and stomping w/Jim Deuder •this Friday, October 5th at Paddles •Time: 8:00 PM – 9:45 PM (doors open 7:45 PM) •Address: #250 West 26th Street, NYC (Btw: 7th/8th Ave) •18+ years old to attend

ALL OUT BDSM PLAY PARTY 10pm -3am Paddles, The Longest Running BDSM club on the Planet!!!

The presentation: Who needs toys when you’ve got two fists, and a pair of boots on your feet? Come learn the fundamentals of heavy impact play including anatomy, safety, technique and the art of going deep with your partner. Techniques for punching, kicking, stomping and trampling will be covered as well as the use of SAP gloves, truncheons, and other heavy implements.

Although the classroom space will not likely allow for the hands on portion, Jim will be sticking around after breakdown for some practice. So be prepared to hang back with a partner, make a new friend, or work with Jim for some hands-on practice.

The presenter’s bio: Jim Deuder is well known for his sexually expressive style of bootblacking, and rhythmic impact play. Jim has traveled across the globe sharing his knowledge and experience on a wide range of topics from relationships to SM to erotic leather care.

A fluid soul, Jim appreciates the exchange of energy between people more than any one simple physical act. He lives an open and poly lifestyle and enjoys connecting with all variations of gender and orientation. Jim was International Mr Bootblack 2011, is the organizer and founding member of the Bootblack Roundtable in NYC, and currently serves as contest coordinator of the International Ms Bootblack Contest.

http://Paddlesnyc.com 250w26st NYC Between 7th & 8th ave. Far Right Door of Building.

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