Michael & Laura A Owners of Paddles BDSM Club in NYC. On The Air on WWRL AM 1600

Michael & Laura A Owners of Paddles BDSM Club in NYC.
On The Air on WWRL AM 1600

NYC: this Fri, July 19, The Female Sexual Anatomy — & Play Party

•Demo/Lecture: The Female Sexual Anatomy — A Users Guide w/SpikeNY •Venue: Paddles •Time: 7:45 PM – 9:45 PM (doors open 7:45 PM) •Address: #250 W 26th St, NYC, NY (btw: 7th and 8th Ave) enter thru right side lower level •18+ years old to attend

Fetlife link: https://fetlife.com/events/181098

Description and Bio:  What is a guy doing giving a presentation on the female sexual anatomy? He doesn’t own those parts, how can he know what’s going on? Well, he apparently knows more about what makes a woman squirm and scream than most women do. With nearly 40 years of studying the sexy female bits and a true fascination with the female orgasm Spike has more recently taken on a study of the female sexual anatomy and arousal cycle. This demonstration combines visual aids and a live demonstration to bring a better understanding of what makes a woman tick, squirm, shudder, squeal, shreak and scream.

Richard aka Spike NY is a sensual sadist who likes quiet nights at home broken by bed shaking orgasms followed by the inability of his girl to get up and make him a sandwich. Apart from orgasms Spike likes to play with rope, whips, canes, clamps, kitchen utensils and anything else he can pervert. Spike is active in the Long Island and New York City scene, a coordinator of the Long Island Leather n Roses and the facilitator of Long Island Rope Revival. Spike has presented for TES, Dom Sub Friends, Long Island Leather n Roses and Long Island Rope Revival.

CutiepieLI is relatively new to the scene having come out from behind the computer a little over a year and a half ago. Cutiepie was aware of her submissive needs and tendencies but she was not immediately aware of her exhibitionism until bandied about Paddles in various states of undress to the delighted gawks of onlookers. Cutiepie graciously tenders up her tender bits for this demo and for the good of humankind. She also gets credit for constructing the Powerpoint slideshow that accompanies the demo ——————————- Paddles All Out BDSM Play Party 10pm to 3am.

Real Time Shades Of Gray At Paddles Since 1984

Bring a date Meet someone there or just Watch and Learn, and have some fun {all welcome} all BDSM Play on our 35 play stations.  MeetThe Dommes of The World famous Pandoras Box  Great people– Great music—Hot Play– Legal NYC Lic. Space–A Real BDSM Night club

Come Check-Out The New Sexier Paddles and {We Ain’t Done Nothing Yet} Improvements are being made Bi-Weekly and will continue until it is just right for all. Our Master Builder Eric is making Spectacular New Equipment and up-grading some of the old.  We have already added a Full Size Jail Cell, Perfect for Single Tails. A new Grab/ Tickle/Bondage Box. A new Padded { Jesus Type} Flogging Cross. New Lighting and Effects. New and On going Paint job and Floor Treatment

OPEN SINCE 1984, LONGEST RUNNING BDSM CLUB ON EARTH.  Come be part of the history… For info- https://fetlife.com/users/108185/posts/829636 http://paddlesnyc.com/ 250w26st NYC Between 7th & 8th ave. Far Right Door https://fetlife.com/groups/2540