**Paddles Couples Party April 18th 10pm**

by Spanktotears 2 days ago

Paddles Couples Party April 18th 10pm
Couples and their Guests Only. Relaxed Rules
———– { Anything Goes All night long }————-
——Couples Talent Show at Midnight ,Great Prizes—–
If you are a Single, Call a Couple Friend and COME WITH THEM

——–BDSM for Couples Only { And their Guests}———
Event Page—https://fetlife.com/events/232730

With Sexy fun & Games.
Door Fee-$25 each person
NYC’s Only Legal NYC Lic. Space–
——A Real BDSM Night club for 30 Years——

Paddles All Out BDSM Play Party 9pm to 3am.

Real Time Shades Of Gray At Paddles Since 1984

Great people– Great music—Hot Play– Legal NYC Lic. Space–
————-A Real BDSM Night club—————-

Come Check-Out The New Sexier Paddles and {We Ain’t Done Nothing Yet} improvements are being made Bi-Weekly and will continue until it is just right for all. Our Master Builder Eric is making Spectacular New Equipment and up-grading some of the old.
We have already added a Full Size Jail Cell, Perfect for Single Tails. A new Grab/ Tickle/Bondage Box. A new Padded { Jesus Type} Flogging Cross. New Lighting and Effects.
———-Come be part of the history———–
For info- https://fetlife.com/users/108185/posts/829636
http://paddlesnyc.com/ 250w26st NYC Between 7th & 8th ave.
————— Far Right Door——————
https://fetlife.com/groups/2540All Vacation Pics 804