NYC: this Fri, August 1st: The Birth of the Fire Cane and Play Party
Demo/Lecture: The Birth of the Fire Cane with Echo
•Venue: Paddles
•Time: 8:00 PM – 9:45 PM (doors open 7:45 PM)
•Address: #250 West 26th Street, NYC (Btw: 7th/8th Ave)
•18+ years old to attend

Before the demo, join us at the NYC munch across the street.
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The presentation:
Many kinksters has been asking…. How do I use a Fire Cane? Why 90% isopropyl alcohol only?

When designing the Fire Cane, many factors played a key role in the final design. We knew it was vital that the Fire Cane was practical, durable, and most all, safe! So let’s break down the Fire Cane.

The design:
The Fire Cane comes in all of our wood handle types. (with a new wood this month! Limited Edition: Birdseye Maple). We chose to stick with a stainless steel stem, as all our other torches feature. The torch head is made of a cotton base with a kevlar overlay. The kevlar overlay extends the torches lifespan much longer than its cotton counterpart. Keeping a cotton base, allows us to offer the Fire Cane at an affordable price. In addition, the kevlar overlay protects the cotton base from any damage the 90% alcohol would cause due to the increased temperature. The overall length is 28.5”. If you would like a custom length, contact us for details!

Why 90% isopropyl alcohol?
During testing, we noticed that 70% was making the Fire Cane impractical. The Burn time of the flame was extremely minimal and would go out much too quickly. So we decided to use 90%, which in turn inspired the kevlar overlay to maintain a durable and safe Fire Cane.

How do I use it?
The Fire Cane is designed to be used in the same manner a typical cane would be used, with minor adjustments (to accommodate the build up heat on the skin). The Fire Cane just adds a touch of fire. The Fire cane can be used on a bottom in a vertical or horizontal stance in the same way typical caning is achieved. The Fire cane is designed for use on St Andrews crosses, spanking benches, etc. It is NOT designed to be used on a massage table for typical Fire Play or Fire Massage. If you have no experience with Fire Play, seek out a skilled practitioner in your area for proper training. Or book a private lesson with Echo.

A limited supply of Fire canes will be available for purchase at the event. If you pre-order for pickup at the class, you can save $10 off your fire cane. Contact Echo HERE and mention coupon code “FireCane10” with your wood preference and we will send you a personal invoice.

Private lessons are also available.

About the Presenter:
Echos Fire LLC is the leader in quality hand made fire play torches. Echo has been involved in the art of fire since 2008 and has traveled all across the United States and up into Canada teaching fire manipulation and safety at all levels. His innovative torch designs are indicative of his skill and dedication as they are clearly made with efficiency, safety and ease of use in mind.

His style of Fire Manipulation is designed for the kinkster and vanilla alike, coined under the moniker Fire Massage. He is constantly researching, testing, modifying and adding new and exciting techniques to keep every single experience dynamic and fresh.

Echo’s Fire will mesmerize and entice you to join in the flames. Stop by to watch a scene, or perhaps to try it out yourself!
More on Echo can be found at:

About DomSubFriends MEETINGS and SOCIALS
•Everyone 18+ years old is welcomed to attend.
•All meetings are $4 for DSF, $6 for affiliate members, and $10 for non members.
•DomSubFriends parties are held the 4th Friday of each month.
•DomSubFriends meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month at Paddles; the World’s longest running BDSM club.
•Address: #250 West 26th Street, NYC (Bet: 7th/8th Ave)-entrance through the parking lot.

Paddles management is gracious to offer all male attendees of DSF meetings a 50% discount (only $20) to stay afterwards when the club opens to their guests at 10 PM. Females can stay after the meeting at only $5, providing they are members of DomSubFriends (or affiliate group); otherwise it’s $10 to stay.
—————— Everyone Can Stay ——————-
Bring a date Meet someone there or just Watch and Learn, and have some fun {all welcome} all BDSM Play on our 35 play stations.
Meet The Dommes of The World famous Pandoras Box
Great people– Great music—Hot Play– Legal Licensed Play Space–
A Real BDSM Night club,

Come Check-Out The New Sexier Paddles. Our Master Builder Eric is making Spectacular New Equipment and up-grading some of the old.
We have already added a Full Size Jail Cell, Perfect for Single Tails. A new Grab/ Tickle/Bondage Box. A new Padded { Jesus Type} Flogging Cross. New Lighting and Effects. New and On going Paint job and Floor Treatment

Come be part of the history…
For info- 250w26st NYC Between 7th & 8th ave. Far Right Door

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