Woof! Woof! Arrrrrooouuu! – TES Dungeon Party Saturday 9/27 featuring the PUPS from PUP NIGHT AT THE EAGLE! at Paddles OPEN TO ALL!!!

The Pups at Pup Night have been featured in Comic Strips and NEXT Magazine (see the article here) as “.. one of the more interesting and let’s face it, oddly adorable fetishes out there. But like many aspects of BDSM, seeing a cute boy in a puppy mask or walking around on a leash is just the tip of the iceberg.”

As a special TREAT for TES’s Dungeon Party Saturday, four of us Eagle Pups: Frisky, Bruiser, Dante, Sniffer and Wolfee (pups can’t count all that well) are setting up a large kennel play area at Paddles.

We’ll talk a little about what Pup play means to us (we’ve all been doing it for years) as well as give you a quick paws-on as to what you need to play with US – because it’s NOT just about US. We want YOU – to come out, get down (we mean on all fours) and PLAY with us because that’s what moshing is all about! There something wonderfully freeing about a simple playful “let’s have some fun” attitude that we pups have that is so appealing. I mean what other fetish allows you to chase a ball around a crowded room and scamper up to just about anyone (even that Hot Ass Top Mistress/Master you’d only love to get a pat on the head from)? And most people – seeing you wag your butt instinctively get it! I so often tell the story of how at another Paddles Party Mistress Trish chased me around the room going “snip snip” for the balls – and all this so spontaneously we both still laugh at the thing. (btw – should the good Mistress show this Saturday sniffer still does NOT want to be neutered! Hard limit. Woof!)

In addition to setting up a play area we’ll bring some extra kneepads for ANYONE who wants to try it out! I’ll post MOSH RULES on the TES group THURSDAY so you can see what’s expected of “good pup behavior”.

But PLEASE JOIN US!! We love playing with EVERYONE.

And I’ll be bringing something I’ve learned from pup play at DELTA last month – a Puppy Obstacle Course! Anyone can join in the fun and for the PUP that completes the course in the shortest time – a special PRIZE!! (in addition to a round of Barks from the Audience)
Bring a date Meet someone there or just Watch and Learn, and have some fun {all welcome} all BDSM Play on our 35 play stations.
Meet The Dommes of The World famous Pandoras Box
Great people– Great music—Hot Play– Legal Licensed Play Space–
A Real BDSM Night club,

Come be part of the history…
For info- https://fetlife.com/users/108185/posts/829636
http://paddlesnyc.com/ 250w26st NYC Between 7th & 8th ave. Far Right Door